Memory Verse Game: Bible Fishing

I recently spent a few hours at DisneyQuest, a 5-story arcade at Downtown Disney in Orlando. There was a great arcade game in which the player had to hook fish as they swam across the bottom of the screen. Different fish were worth different amounts of points. It was simple but really addictive!

I wanted to emulate that feel a few weeks ago for our Memory Verse Game. I wanted something that was simple to explain, easy enough that younger kids could participate, but competitive enough that everyone feels involved. It also needed to have a strong hook (see what I did there?).

My solution was “Bible Fishing”. All of the words of the Bible verse are numbered and lined up at the bottom of the screen. The players have to identify the next word based on the number before the word. It’s very elementary, but the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

We used 2 Peter 3:10 which is not an incredibly fun verse. Attached to this post are all the slides that we used and the Photoshop work file.

Download the files here:
Bible Fishing Slides and .PSD

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