How to Throw A Slime Party

The summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s an opportunity to try out new things and have a lot of fun in kids ministry. Here is an idea for a summer outreach that you can do that will get your entire church talking.

The Slime Party.

Since September 2015, we’ve been using the Tru Fire curriculum from My Healthy Church and David C. Cook for our Sunday morning kids church service.

Tru Fire is the best-written and most thorough curriculum I’ve ever used. It does a great job of walking kids through the Bible and highlighting God’s eternal plan throughout Scripture. Every six or seven weeks, the curriculum has a Remember and Celebrate service. It’s an opportunity to review and reflect on the things that the kids have learned up to that point.

Recently, we’ve started using these Remember and Celebrate services to do something completely different from other Sundays and also to highlight missions. We’ve been calling these Sundays #BringYourBuddy and we encourage kids to bring their friends and their missions offerings in small, plastic “Buddy Barrels.” (It’s an A/G thing. Google it.)

There was a Remember and Celebrate service scheduled just two weeks after Easter and I decided to use that as an opportunity to invite all of our visiting families back to our church by doing something that we’d never done before.

I was going to throw a Slime Party.

We took elements from the Tru Fire Remember and Celebrate service, mixed in elements from the classic Nickelodeon game show, Double Dare, and created the ultimate review/missions Sunday.

For an hour and a half, our kids church room was filled with chaos, laughter and 30 gallons of neon green ooze. It was the best Sunday ever!

If you’ve ever wanted throw a slime party, we have the ultimate guide. But because there are so many factors, we will be spreading out all the ideas over a series of posts. The links for each article will be posted below.

Check out this gallery of the images we posted on our Instagram feed leading up to, during and after our Slime Party.



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