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This post is part of a series called “How to Throw a Slime Party”. To check out the other posts in this series, go ahead and click here.

Leading up to our Slime Party, I wanted to concoct the perfect slime. The perfect slime had to be safe, easy to clean up and the perfect color.

After a lot of research and a few trials, I loved what we came up with.

Applesauce (in a #10 can)
Vanilla Pudding (in a #10 can)
Corn Starch
Green Food Dye
Yellow Food Dye
5-gal. Bucket

I picked up all the supplies (besides the buckets) at our local Gordon Food Services that sells bulk-sized raw materials for chefs, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

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The summer is an opportunity for you to try new things in your ministry. Especially in your Sunday morning experience or service!

The following four ideas are designed to help you set a new mood for a service or event and include ideas for implementation and a visual guide for inspiration.

Luau – Aloha! The pigs are roasting and the fire dancers are…fire dancing. A luau theme is a fun and festive way to celebrate the season.

Set the mood with: hibiscus plants, bamboo sticks, and raffia decorations. You can play ukulele music in the background and play games with pineapples, leis and straw hats.

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This past Christmas season we tried something a little different during our Christmas kids choir presentation.

I had three of our kids choir members walk off the choir risers and join me on a DIY talk show set in the middle of our sanctuary stage.

We called this segment “Late Night Bethlehem” and it was on my favorite moments in that service.

Check out this link to download all the graphics that we used for this segment.

In our never-ending quest to create content and products that help you connect with your kids and families we have added a new digital puppet to our line: Chalky, the Chalkboard!

Chalky, the Chalkboard is…a chalkboard. He can teach the Bible verse, tell a story or just share some knock-knock jokes! He’s especially useful during this Back to School season!

Chalky the Chalkboard will be 25% off all this month!

Check out Chalky, the Chalkboard’s product page. Or you can add him to your cart at the link below!

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