The summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s an opportunity to try out new things and have a lot of fun in kids ministry. Here is an idea for a summer outreach that you can do that will get your entire church talking.

The Slime Party.

Since September 2015, we’ve been using the Tru Fire curriculum from My Healthy Church and David C. Cook for our Sunday morning kids church service.

Tru Fire is the best-written and most thorough curriculum I’ve ever used. It does a great job of walking kids through the Bible and highlighting God’s eternal plan throughout Scripture. Every six or seven weeks, the curriculum has a Remember and Celebrate service. It’s an opportunity to review and reflect on the things that the kids have learned up to that point.

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For most people, summer won’t arrive for at least another full month. For those of us that are in kids’ ministry, however, summer is already here!

Through April and May, we will be featuring all sorts of ideas and products that you can put to use this season! We’ve got ideas for design and theming, outreach events, and games. We’re also going to have all sorts of new digital puppets, countdowns and other fun stuff.

Grab your flip flops and a tall glass of lemonade and sit back on your favorite beach chair! It’s time for summer!

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Fun, easy to play review games are valuable tools to have for your kids church services. There are times when you need to fill some extra time or quickly rethink a segment.  Great review games give you the opportunity to do something fun and productive with little to no prep time.

This review game is called Plus. It requires almost no preparation and had a great amount of fun and tension built into it. Also, you can purchase our awesome Plus Review Game Media Pack from our store.

Players Needed: 1 per team

Items Needed: List of questions, buzzer (optional), Plus Game Slides (optional

Instructions: Invite one player from each team to the front. Ask a question based on the day’s content or other information. When one of the players answers it correctly, he or she gets points or wins prizes. That player can take those points/prizes or risk them in a game of Plus.

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I’ve never been the kind of kids pastor that encourages the “sit down and be quiet” method of kids ministry. I staunchly believe, based on research done by people that are much smarter than me, that kids learn and behave best when they are engaged in the lesson, activity and/or environment. That’s why I include games and play-based activities in kids church.

Using games in your kids church is a quick and easy way to leverage a child’s natural desire for movement and fun in a way that can focus their energy and improve their attitude.

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For the past several days, the entire world has been captivated by the herculean feats of the most talented athletes on the planet. But why should sportsfolk have all the fun? You can bring all the intensity and competition of the games in Rio to your Sunday morning service!

Water Bottle Flip

In the annals of human history, few things will be as universally revered as the ability that will be tested in this Summer Game. The rules are simple, but the glory is eternal. This is the Water Bottle Flip.

Players Needed: 1 player per team

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I’m constantly on the lookout for kids church games that require little-to-no preparation. These games are great when I find myself in situations where I need to keep kids engaged but don’t have any supplies.

They work extremely well in camp situations or during those times when the service in the sanctuary is going longer that you expected.

Here is a game that comes straight from the Ellen Show.

Players Needed: Two or more per team

Instructions: You invite teams of two to the stage. This is a teamwork game so it’s important that you stress to your players that they have to work together to win.

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The topic of rules in kids church is not one that I see addressed frequently. However, having definable goals and expectations for kids is an important part of classroom managements and, in the words of one of my former senior pastors, “you can’t have accountability without responsibility.”

I am very much of the mindset that your kids church rules should be positive. I prefer to let kids know what they CAN do and not what they CAN’T do. We call ours the Party Rules.

My kids church rules are as follows:

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